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Re: [wmx] A newbie wants to know !

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Sat May 29 21:37:58 1999

[note:  cc'd to the original poster]

Niels Rasmussen <nielsemand@image.dk> wrote:
> Hi all !

Hi, Niels.  Off the top of my head, I can answer a few of the basics:

> # Where are my config.h file (i got my version, 3-1 November 1997, of
> WMX on sunsite rpm-repository) the only config.h I have, dont have the
> features that are mentioned in the README-file ??

It's Config.h, and it will only come with the source code for wmx.
I'm guessing the rpm doesn't include source code, but just the binary,

> # When will the next rpm-release be available ? (soon i hope)
> # I am getting dizzy with the default gray background, how can I change
> it to f.e black or blue (or maybe a sunset over Copenhagen ;-))

"xsetroot -solid black" will set your background to black.
"xsetroot -solid #082007" will set it to a dark green color.
Use something like xv or ImageMagick to set your root window using an
image file.

> # The geometry characters dont fit to my screen, I have Xload loaded via
> .xinitrc and have it placed in the lower right corner but it took me 3 
> attempt to have it placed correctly (about 10 pixels from what was
> informed on screen!) How can I adjust that ? (my screen is 17")  

I've noticed that occasionally, too, but I'm not sure what the problem is.

> # I know this is too much to ask you guys, but I dont have the slightest
> idea of how to compile or recompile ??
> Is it at all possible to get a step by step guide of how to compile
> and/or recompile the newest version of WMX (in case that the next
> rpm-version is a millenium-phenomenon ??) or to compile in generally, if
> it is possible I would throw myself in the dust in deep gratitude!!!!!!!

You'll need a compiler like gcc or egcs.  Details for obtaining and
installing that are way beyond the scope of this list :)  With that,
you should then be able to run "./configure" from the source directory
and end up with a new binary called "wmx".


O'Shaughnessy Evans

 Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins,
 they are quick to anger and have no need for subtlety.