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[wmx] Slashdot headlines to command menu

Lasse Rasinen - Sat Mar 27 23:19:25 1999

Aren't you just a wee bit depressed that users of inferior window managers
have cool and spiffy applets and whatever for a variety of things?

Right, me neither. But, there is actually a reason why one would develop
such a beast. Namely, boredom.

Anyway, I wrote a script for this. You can put it in cron or you can add
it to the menu and generate the headlines when you feel like it. The
script is at <URL:http://www.hut.fi/u/lrasinen/slashdot.sh>. It's a quick
hack but it gets the job done. Sec, feel free to put this one in contrib.

However, this is not all! If you edit the script as follows:

1) replace "lynx -dump ..." with frm, and
2) replace rxvt -e lynx with something that starts up
   readmsg with the appropriate message number,


Therefore, wmx has expanded until it can read mail, like all programs do,
therefore, there is no need for further development. You can all go home
now ;)

Disclaimer: frm and readmsg come with elm, but you could probably write
            equivalents in perl in a few minutes or so.

"Why did you do it?" "Because I can."