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Re: [wmx] wm2 and GNOME

Martin von Weissenberg - Wed Apr 07 23:28:55 1999

Michael ROGERS writes:
>I've been thinking about modifying wm2 or wmx to create a minimalist GNOME-
>compliant window manager, and I was wondering if anyone else is interested in 
>this project.

Yes, I'm interested.

>The necessary additions would be X session management, awareness 
>of MWM window hints (?), and a change to wm2's behaviour so that right mouse 
>clicks on the root window are passed to the GNOME file manager. Obviously 
>these changes are well outside wm2's scope, but I thought the tiny wm2/wmx 
>source would be a good starting point for making something a bit less bloated 
>than E.

Perhaps wmx could have a root menu reflecting the gnome main menu (or
start button)?

Luckily there's source code available for the things you mentioned
above.  I think wmx is a better code base than wm2.

Do you intend to split out a new branch of wmx, or just separate the
gnome-related code from the main wmx code with #ifdefs?


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