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Re: [wmx] Resize-thingy-bug

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Wed Apr 14 10:13:11 1999


On Wed, Apr 14, 1999 at 04:09:40AM +0200, Linus Nilsson wrote:
> 	I am a happy and faithful user of wmx, but all the way since wm2 
> there has existed one small bug that has annoyed me. It occurs sometimes
> after resizing/overlapping one window with another/just moving around,
> whatever. What happens is that the small resize-triangle in the lower
> right corner of the focused window is not redrawn, but stays "damaged",
> beeing partly filled with black color or something similar.
> Is this a bug, a feature, something i've misconfigured in Config.h?
> If it is a bug, are you aware of it and would it be easy to fix?

I'd say its a bug. I noticed that too, but never spent too much worring
about it. I think I'll look into it, and see if I can do something, but
don't expect too much ;)

If someone else is quicker, it's okay too :)

Ok, we're making progress.  I found a major bug (that Julian is
committing now).
                                         -- Matthew Dillow on freebsd-chat