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Re: [wmx] Resize-thingy-bug

Michael ROGERS - Thu Apr 15 20:08:24 1999

>I've noticed this bug also and have tried to eliminate it, without success.
>What I would really like to see is an option to eliminate the resize triangle
>completely since I never, ever use it.  And I find it distracts from the clean
>window appearance of wmx.

One of the features I'm intending to implement for my Gnomified version of wm2
is a slightly altered window frame. The triangular resize tab seems to cause a
few problems, so this is my suggestion for an alternative layout:

[Excuse the ugly ASCII art... use a fixed-width font if you want this to make
any sense!]

----================================ <-- Frame "hovers" away from window like
|[]| |-----------------------------#     it currently does for unfocussed
|  | |                             #     windows (just looks cool).
|  | |                             [
\  | |                             [ <-- Right and bottom of window have thick
 \ | |                             [     frame (instead of left and top).
  \| |                             #
     ##===========================## <-- L-shaped resize tab at bottom right.

# = Single-plane resize tabs at top right and bottom left (as now).
[] = Button.

(The thick frame (including the resize tabs) and the button disappear when the 
window loses focus, to indicate which window has focus (as now).)

This layout would get rid of the problems caused by the triangular tab, and
would hopefully look just as good as the current layout.

I also had a few changes to wm2's behaviour in mind (other than those related 
to Gnome compliance). These are:

* Right clicking on button to kill window (instead of left clicking and 

* Right clicking on resize tabs to maximize the window in that direction
(right clicking on the L-shaped tab would maximize the window in both
directions). Right clicking again would restore the original size.

I'd be happy to merge these changes back into the non-Gnome versions of wm2
and wmx if anyone's interested.

 - Michael Rogers