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Re: [wmx] new window command

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Tue Mar 23 04:38:47 1999

[ E.Ivandaev wrote: ]
> is there any other way to pass parameters to rxvt or am i doing something
> wrong?

There are a couple alternatives you may want to try that will lend
you far more flexibility:

  1) Run a shell script instead.  Specify $HOME/.wmx/.bin/new-window
     in your Config.h file (expanding $HOME to whatever it is, of
     course), then put this in new-window:


       rxvt -pixmap ~/HOME/.rxvt/rxvtbg.xpm -fg white -bg black -sl 50 \
       -title Shell -fn 6x13

  2) Use X resources to configure rxvt as you desire.  Define the rxvt
     command in Config.h like this:

     #define CONFIG_NEW_WINDOW_COMMAND_OPTIONS "-name","NewWindow",0

     Then put this in your $HOME/.Xdefaults file:

     NewWindow.title: Shell
     NewWindow.font: 6x13
     NewWindow*foreground: white
     NewWindow*background: black
     NewWindow.scrollBar: true
     NewWindow.saveLines: 50

     (I may have got a few of these wrong, but I'm pretty sure they're

     Finally, if the rxvt isn't coming out right, add "xrdb -load
     $HOME/.Xdefaults" into your $HOME/.xinitrc file for force the
     X server to read your application defaults when you enter X.

Hope this helps.

O'Shaughnessy Evans
GST Whole Earth Networks @ Call America

 "My software never has bugs.  It just develops random features."