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Re: [wmx] new window command

Lasse Rasinen - Mon Mar 22 19:58:11 1999

"E.Ivandaev" <Egor.Ivandaev@newcastle.ac.uk> writes:

> is there any other way to pass parameters to rxvt or am i doing something
> wrong?

What you want is:

#define CONFIG_NEW_WINDOW_COMMAND_OPTIONS "-pixmap", "$HOME/.rxvt/rxvtbg.xpm", 
                                          "-fg", "white", "-bg", "black", 
                                           "-sl", "50", "-title", "Shell",
                                           "-fn", "6x13", 0

This is actually a common mistake people make using that option, and
xterm/rxvt fails because "-geometry 80x50" isn't a valid.

Perhaps the Config.h would need some clarification on this issue?