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Re: [wmx] wm2 and GNOME

Ryan Daum - Wed Apr 07 22:06:18 1999

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Michael ROGERS wrote:

> I've been thinking about modifying wm2 or wmx to create a minimalist GNOME-
> compliant window manager, and I was wondering if anyone else is interested in 
> this project. The necessary additions would be X session management, awareness 
> of MWM window hints (?), and a change to wm2's behaviour so that right mouse 
> clicks on the root window are passed to the GNOME file manager. Obviously 
> these changes are well outside wm2's scope, but I thought the tiny wm2/wmx 
> source would be a good starting point for making something a bit less bloated 
> than E. Anyone interested?

I'd definetly be interested in the results of such a project...
particularily if there were options to put the titlebar on top of the
window and not on the side and one to do some simple simple icon
management (i hate picking hidden apps from a menu).. i think it'd be
ideal because of the minimalist design aesthetic and the minimal code