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Re: [wmx] Hierachical command menu

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Thu Jan 21 03:02:58 1999

On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 09:59:13PM +0200, Lasse Rasinen wrote:
> I was bored, so I hacked this patch together in a couple of
> hours. Basically, it makes the command menu have submenus which are
> directories under .wmx or whatever. 

Great :)

> As a feature directory names beginning with . are stripped away, to get
> rid of . and .., and if one wants to hide stuff in there (I have .wmx/.bin
> for funny scripts, like Slashdot => .bin/lynx and Freshmeat => .bin/lynx
> and you can guess what .bin/lynx does ;) 

Yep. I think ignoring files starting with .'s is the right thing to do

> Anyway, this works bit awkwardly. First of all, the cursor should warp to
> where the new menu appears, but I haven't found a way to do this
> conviniently. Perhaps Boolean Menu::m_submenu and then warping if this is
> true. Also, putting the directories as hidden entries and files as normal
> entries might look more natural. I might try those features later this
> evening if I'm not too tired.

I tried it out, And I do think the submenus should behave more like the
main menu. i.e. only stay up as long as the button is pressed. But that
would involve popping up the new menu, before releasing the mousebutton,
and I'm not sure how easy this is.

This article doesn't really cover many specifics, other than to point out
that these pieces of equipment which have been labeled completely obsolete,
still have value and function, and not only to the hacker. -- hir4-5.txt