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[wmx] ./configure for wmx

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Thu Jan 21 02:04:09 1999


As I said, I've taken a try on autoconf'ing wmx.

I'd like you to test it out on your system, the source is at

compiling should now work with "./configure" and then "make"

Please report back to me, if it works, and if not, how it fails.


P.S.: two other small changes found it's way in since 5.0:

- 1999/01/16 21:50
	Fixed I18N support
	from: Mr. Asaki Takumi <asataku@osk3.3web.ne.jp>

- 1999/01/15 04:40
	config't feedbackdelay and right mousbutton (circulate/lower/off)
	idea from: Sven Oliver Moll <smol0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de>

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