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Re: [wmx] Problems running wmx on XFree 4.4

Sven Oliver Moll - Mon Mar 22 21:55:29 2004

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Sven Oliver Moll wrote:

> Hi there!
> After switching to XFree 4.4 I can't use wmx anymore. It starts up, but
> doesn't seem to hook in as wanted. It keeps running, but no window
> decoration is shown and mouse buttons for menus don't seem to have any
> effect either. twm works, though...

Found it. It was a not-always-initialized variable in my own enhancements.
Sorry, for bothering anyone. I guess (rather hope) that was the last serious
bug in my new code. A patch against wmx-6 is attached.

Chris would you please consider putting these changes in the cvs.
Changes include:
- complete rewrite of the multihead code, now also xinerama aware
- new ./configure options
- new runtime options right:menu which brings up a menu by pressing
  right mouse button on border allowing you to (un)maximize, (un)stick,
  lower, hide and close the window
- fixes for clean gcc3 compile
- colors selectable via options symlink (forgot that one almost)
  keywords are: tabbg, tabfg, menubg, menufg and framebg
  arguments are color names found in /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt
  should other colors (channel number and borders) also be configurable?
  can anyone come up with an intuitive and short naming scheme?

Greetings from Germany,
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