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[wmx] wmx multiple screens beta testers needed

Sven Oliver Moll - Thu Nov 27 18:02:35 2003

Hi there!

After a day of nice hacking I now can offer a new patch for wmx that
supports Xinerama as well as multihead setup now.

As well as a code cleanup on the multihead code now a few enhancements when
running in Xinerama:
- The small window showing the coordinates of a window that being moved now
  shows up in the center of the actual screen, not in the center of all
  screens which looks really ugly if you use two monitors.
- New windows will always pop up in the same screen the mouse pointer is.
- Windows when moved from one screen to another 'bump' at the border.

The modified sourcecode is available at http://svolli.dynxs.de/dms/wmx
(username: wmx, password: wmx) for the 2-3 days.

If you use more than one monitor with wmx, please download this source and
give it a try, and drop me an email telling me how it works. It doesn't
matter if you're gonna use the Xinerama or multihead mode, both need
testing, since the whole source code involving multiple screens has been

If everything seems to be ok, I'll do some cleanup on the code and post
the patch for inclusion in the official cvs to this list.

Greetings from Germany,
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