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[wmx] wmx window frame problem with Apple X11 full screen mode

Dave Plonka - Mon Dec 15 21:16:34 2003


As a previous thread mentioned, wmx does work on Apple's XFree86-based
X11.  However, I'm experiencing a cosmetic problem when used with X11
"Full Screen" mode.  IMO, this is the only real way to run wmx
otherwise you can't use the click-on-background operations, such as
changing channels.

Here's the problem: the window frames don't get drawn properly whenever
you leave the full screen mode, and then return to it.  For instance,
every time you visit a native OS X application, then return to an X11

I'm using wmx-6pl1 in combination with Apple's X11 v1.0 under OS X
version 10.3.1.  (Apple's X11 v1.0 is based on XFree86 4.3.0.)

Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, I've included a
summary and screenshots here:


Thanks for any hints,

P.S.  If anyone else out there is using wmx with Apple X11's Full
Screen mode, here's a useful hint:

Configure Expose so that "Application Windows" is in the lower right
(same place as wmx exit menu) and configure "All Windows" on a
different corner - I use the lower left.

This allows you to easily select native OS X applications by moving the
mouse pointer to the "All Windows" corner without interference by wmx.
Also, since Expose's "Application Windows" is useless in X11's Full
Screen mode with wmx (because of channels), you might as well configure
it on the same corner as wmx' exit menu.

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