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Re: [wmx] wmx window frame problem with Apple X11 full screen mode

Dave Plonka - Wed Dec 17 00:55:22 2003

An update regarding my previous post:

I found that the problem described below also happens with both wmx and twm:


so its less likely to be a window-manager bug.

I should have tested with another window-manager, but I figured they'd
have tested it with twm since it ships with Apple's X11 (where as wmx
does not.)

I guess I'll take it up with Apple or in an Apple x11 mailing list - if
there is one.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 02:16:31PM -0600, Dave Plonka wrote:
> wmx'ers,
> As a previous thread mentioned, wmx does work on Apple's XFree86-based
> X11.  However, I'm experiencing a cosmetic problem when used with X11
> "Full Screen" mode.  IMO, this is the only real way to run wmx
> otherwise you can't use the click-on-background operations, such as
> changing channels.
> Here's the problem: the window frames don't get drawn properly whenever
> you leave the full screen mode, and then return to it.  For instance,
> every time you visit a native OS X application, then return to an X11
> app.
> I'm using wmx-6pl1 in combination with Apple's X11 v1.0 under OS X
> version 10.3.1.  (Apple's X11 v1.0 is based on XFree86 4.3.0.)
> Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, I've included a
> summary and screenshots here:
>    http://net.doit.wisc.edu/~plonka/tmp_osx_wmx/
> Thanks for any hints,
> Dave
> P.S.  If anyone else out there is using wmx with Apple X11's Full
> Screen mode, here's a useful hint:
> Configure Expose so that "Application Windows" is in the lower right
> (same place as wmx exit menu) and configure "All Windows" on a
> different corner - I use the lower left.
> This allows you to easily select native OS X applications by moving the
> mouse pointer to the "All Windows" corner without interference by wmx.
> Also, since Expose's "Application Windows" is useless in X11's Full
> Screen mode with wmx (because of channels), you might as well configure
> it on the same corner as wmx' exit menu.

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