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[wmx] Tabbed windows

Christopher T King - Thu Dec 11 21:28:29 2003

Hello, I'm new to the list, and I have the traditional newbie
feature request.

I'd like to see tabbed windows in wmx, like those (which are currently
disabled) in Kahakai. I've thought about it a bit, and decided the
implementation would go something like this:

* Windows are added to tab groups similarly to how they're added to
focus groups.
* Whenever a window is added to the group, it's resized and moved to the
size and position of the other windows.
* Whenever a window in the group is moved or resized, all windows in the
group get moved or resized. (similarly with other operations)
* The window's titles are given a smaller maximum length and placed at
different vertical locations for each window in the group. The close-box
of one window overlaps the triangle-region of the previous one.

I'd be willing to implement this feature, if you can give me some pointers
to where everything is in the source. I don't know much about X
programming, but the changes I propose don't require any (as far as I can


- Chris K