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Re: [wmx] focus problem with netscape & mozilla?

Richard Jones - Fri Aug 01 13:47:13 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 11:55:20AM -0700, O'Shaughnessy Evans wrote:
> Hello, all.  I have this constant problem when running any newer version
> of Netscape, Mozilla, or Firebird (a derivative of Mozilla) under the
> latest patch of wmx 6.  If I move my cursor away from the browser window,
> I often lose my ability to bring focus back to any of the text inputs
> in the browser.  E.g., I can't type into the URL field or any form inputs.
> I can work around it by bringing up a dialog window that will grab focus,
> like File->Open or Edit->Find, but that gets old real fast :)
> I strongly suspect that it's a problem with Mozilla and its relatives,
> but I'm curious if it's something that only wmx users experience.  Has
> anyone else encountered something like this?

This happens for me under wmx & KDE, so I suspect a bug in Mozilla.


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