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[wmx] wm2 and wmx in sourceforge cvs

Chris Cannam - Wed Aug 13 11:50:59 2003

I've created a project page on SourceForge for wm2 and wmx, for
the sole purpose of keeping a publically-accessible cvs repository.


The long delay since wmx-6 and the increasing number of patches out
there have made things rather hard to keep track of without cvs --
in the past I haven't even bothered with my own local cvs repository,
although Sec has one that he used for the wmx-6 release cycle.  I
didn't particularly want to try to pull everything together for a
potential wmx-7 without some better organisation.

Note that anonymous CVS access on SourceForge currently lags
developer access by 24 hours (owing to server load -- they claim it
should be resolved some time this month).  I populated it yesterday
and I think anonymous access is now up-to-date enough.

There are two modules: wm2 and wmx.  Each has been populated with
every official release and tagged as such, so you can for example

  cvs co -rwm2_1 wm2

should you happen to have a use for the first release of wm2.  See
the SourceForge cvs page (second of the three links above) for
details of how to login anonymously, set CVSROOT etc.

The current cvs HEAD contains wmx-6pl1 plus Glyn Faulkner's mouse
button remapping patch, Damion and Teemu's alt-drag patch (with
some additional tidying), Damion's tighter latencies for window
dragging, Zvezdan's frame colour configuration patch, a couple of
bugfixes of my own, and a change to the focus management code to
attempt to fix the problem with focus being lost when transient
windows from e.g. Mozilla go away.  I'm not sure how successful
that last one is.

If you use wmx and have some interest in these post-wmx-6 patches,
I encourage you to grab current cvs and see whether the particular
things you're most interested in are working correctly, as it's
entirely possible I've misapplied a patch or broken something.  I'm
running wmx from cvs at this very moment, so it's certainly mostly
working for me.