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[wmx] error in wmx

Fabian Sturm - Wed Nov 29 13:48:03 2000

Okay i just tried the wmx-6pre6 tarball.

Some things should be changed.

Keyboard input only if NumLock turned on
(was reported on the list)

#define CONFIG_NEW_WINDOW_COMMAND "/home/chris/.wmx/terminal"
shouldn't be the default define for the new command.

And most serious bug as i reported two times
are the child windows which loose the border.

If you don't have xv use e.g. ImageMagic open it and click on the
window to get the dialog box with the  options:
File, Edit, View, Transform...

This dialog has only a small border (no heading). And if you doubleclick on 
it to move it on another channel it looses its boarder which makes
it no longer accesible..

Hope this helps Fabian