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Re: [wmx] error in wmx

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Tue Mar 28 20:45:37 2000

Fabian Sturm <sturm@sisko.imse.med.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:
> And another problem is when i move the child window to
> another channel. I do this with the double click on
> the frame around the window (Thats a little bit hairy
> because the frame is so small).
> If i moved the child window to another channel then
> it looses its frame and is no longer moveable.

I've noticed a similar problem:  if I flip between channels very quickly,
typically by using alt-f1, alt-f2, etc, then the window manager sometimes
loses control (awareness?) of the windows in a particular channel, so they
all loses their borders and titlebar and become hopelessly painted onto
the root window.  Keyboard focus even gets a little wonky with them, and
it can be somewhat of a trick getting the focus into them so I can close
them and open up new, controllable windows again.  Has anybody else
experienced something like this?

= o'shaughnessy evans / Unix sys admin =