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Re: [wmx] error in wmx

Chris Cannam - Wed Nov 29 15:49:33 2000

Fabian Sturm wrote:

> I don't know which patches you applied. I only downloaded
> wmx-6pre6 fom ftp://ice.42.org/pub/wmx.
> And this version has the described bugs.

No, wmx-6pre6 doesn't include Jamie's patch by default.  The
reference to keyboard input only working when Num Lock is on was
my own complaint about some behaviour that I thought had been
introduced by Jamie's patch, which is why I'm very interested
that you're describing a similar problem with the plain 6pre6.

So: is the problem you're reporting simply that after you start
wmx, no keyboard input gets through to applications unless
Num Lock is switched on?


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