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Re: [wmx] basic questions

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Thu Jun 22 02:25:16 2000

leegold <goldtech@worldpost.com> wrote:
> some simple wmx questions.
> i have a ~/.xinitrc file. when i start x ( and wmx ) xterm, netscape windows
> open up.
> 1. is it possible to startx and have NO windows open initially, BUT have
> these "programs"/windows available when i right click on the desktop
>  opening the "wmx menu" ) and THEN select what I want to open from that
> menu?

Yeah, just take the xterm and netscape commands out of your .xinitrc.
Make sure wmx is the last command in there, and don't put it into the
background.  Use the left mouse button's "New" option to open up an
xterm, and use the middle mouse button to access commands in your menu.
Add commands to your menu by putting links to executables, or shell scripts,
in your $HOME/.wmx directory.

> 2. are the virtual desktops available in the default config/complilation of
> wmx - if so what is the command to access them. let me see if i have them.
> thanks - i am new to wmx and windows managers - i immediately realized that
> i do not want the hassle of giant config. files and massive man pages.
> therefore, wmx is excellent!

You should still read the documentation that comes with wmx.  See the
README file that comes with the source distribution.

o'shaughnessy evans / Unix sys admin
 "A television may insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in
  like a computer."