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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: (a few) runtime configurable colors

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Thu Aug 05 19:25:20 1999

James Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42@yahoo.com> wrote:

> If wmx isn't going to bother with excessive themeability using X
> resources, then perhaps it could do another symbolic link hack, like
> have ~/.wmx/colors be a link to a file with the name
> "tabfg:white/menufg:red/menubg:black", where "tabfg" refers to the

I have a small suggestion here.  Since ~/.wmx may contain both config
options and menu entries, I think things can get a little confusing.
Is it worth cleaning this up a bit?  Here are a couple ideas:

  1) make all the option keywords (like "options," and "colors" mentioned
     above) start with a dot.  E.g. ~/.wmx/.options, ~/.wmx/.colors

  2) break it all out into subdirectories:  ~/.wmx/menu, ~/.wmx/config,

I like #2 a little better, but it may be premature to do anything like
this at all.  It's not like we have a _lot_ of keywords.

O'Shaughnessy Evans

 "Press any key to continue or any other key to quit..."