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Re: [wmx] Slight menu annoyance (and comments on related stuff)

Lasse Rasinen - Sun Aug 08 11:29:02 1999

James Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42@yahoo.com> writes:

> It appears that any submenus in wmx's root menu lie at the top of the
> menu. This seems a bit backwards. It would seem to make sense to me to
> put the apps that one uses the most at the top of the menu. If one has
> bothered to put an app in a submenu, that would tend to indicate a less
> frequently used app. Well, maybe. Anyways, I find it annoying to have
> submenus up at the top of the menu, and I hope this changes.

When I coded that feature, it first worked the way you mentioned. For some
reason, the current practice seems more intuitive (to me at least), since
your probably going to have only few submenus and lots of programs in the
main menu or you keep everything in categories. In either case, no harm

On related news, I've seen lots of requests trying to make wmx have
everything "civilized"[1] window managers have.

1) Dock. There already are sticky windows, so do we need two overlapping
   mechanisms? Of course, the suggestion mentioned losing the window
   decorations etc. Sticky windows as is don't do that.

2) Lots of configurability. Am I the only one here who finds some perverse
   joy in having to recompile after every change? There's always
   Windowmaker and friends, you know. 

   (Someone could do a wmx theme to most
   popular window managers, in case one has to get along in a hostile

[1] Everyone of us of course knows wmx is the most civilized there is. I'm
    referring to the heathens here.

 ... 145 mornings left in the army.