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[wmx] Feature suggestion: (a few) runtime configurable colors

James Ramsey - Thu Aug 05 18:48:37 1999

If you've seen this before, I apologize. This is pretty much a rehash
of an earlier post that didn't appear to have been read.

It crossed my mind that

1) the border pixmap is runtime configurable, and
2) the color of the text on the border is not.

This could be a problem if the border pixmap is kind of dark. Then one
has to go and change Config.h to change the border text font color to
something readable on a dark background, and recompile, which kind of
defeats the point of having a runtime-configurable border pixmap.

If wmx isn't going to bother with excessive themeability using X
resources, then perhaps it could do another symbolic link hack, like
have ~/.wmx/colors be a link to a file with the name
"tabfg:white/menufg:red/menubg:black", where "tabfg" refers to the
color of the tab foreground (also the tab text color), "menufg" is the
color of the menu foreground (and menu text), and "menubg" is the menu
background color. menufg and menubg are there along with tabfg to
account for the possibility that the pixmap background might or might
not be applied to the menus, depending on the compiled-in setting.
menufg accounts for the possibility that the menu has a pixmap
background, in which case the menu text can be set to appropriately
contrast with the pixmap. menubg accounts for the menu _not_ having a
pixmap background, in which case the menu background can be set to
something that contrast with the menu foreground.


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