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Re: [wmx] Feature suggestion: (a few) runtime configurable colors

James Ramsey - Thu Aug 05 22:15:26 1999

--- O'Shaughnessy Evans <oevans@acm.org> wrote:
> James Ramsey <jjramsey_6x9eq42@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > If wmx isn't going to bother with excessive
> themeability using X
> > resources, then perhaps it could do another
> symbolic link hack, like
> > have ~/.wmx/colors be a link to a file with the
> name
> > "tabfg:white/menufg:red/menubg:black", where
> "tabfg" refers to the
> [...]
> I have a small suggestion here.  Since ~/.wmx may
> contain both config
> options and menu entries, I think things can get a
> little confusing.
> Is it worth cleaning this up a bit?  Here are a
> couple ideas:
>   1) make all the option keywords (like "options,"
> and "colors" mentioned
>      above) start with a dot.  E.g. ~/.wmx/.options,
> ~/.wmx/.colors
>   2) break it all out into subdirectories: 
> ~/.wmx/menu, ~/.wmx/config,
>      etc.
> I like #2 a little better, but it may be premature
> to do anything like
> this at all.  It's not like we have a _lot_ of
> keywords.

Actually doing #2 might be a good idea, just for the sake of keeping
things clean. We already have two things that would be fit to go in
~/.wmx/config, namely "border.xpm" and "options". If we went with my
suggestion, then there would three.

This is slightly offtopic, and it might constitute an amendment to my
previous suggestion. The main reason I suggested using a symbolic link
hack to set some of wmx's colors was that it would be consistent with
the previous way of configuring. It crosses my mind that if wmx used X
resources instead, then it might be easier to compile out the code for
setting wmx's colors, and possibly make Config.h more readable by
leaving out all the dConfig.somethings. Maybe something like this could
be in Config.C:


... more declarations ...

char *tab_foreground=CONFIG_TAB_FOREGROUND
char *menu_foreground=CONFIG_MENU_FOREGROUND

... more declarations ...


... X resource stuff that changes the values of the declared variables
above . . .


I have the barest knowledge of C and only a cursory understanding of X
resources, so I could be wrong on at least the details, but maybe I'll
head somebody on the right track.


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