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Re: [wmx] The patch to fix mysterious crashes and disappearing fonts in root menus

Lasse Rasinen - Sat May 15 00:48:25 1999

Lasse Rasinen <lrasinen@iki.fi> writes:

> The problem appears to be the borderCounter variable, which keeps track of
> borders on screen. Apparently this gets screwed up if there's a window
> before wmx gets started, or something. Anyway, after the code frees it,
> it's never reallocated. 
> Fix: Don't free it and abolish the borderCounter variable, while we're at
> it.

... and before anyone else can point out, yes, sec4 at least has the
patch. I think I should upgrade , but ... ;)

However, the approach taken in sec4 allocates fonts etc. over and over.
Is this OK?

(Mental note: Never hack wmx during exam season)