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Re: [wmx] The patch to fix mysterious crashes and disappearing fonts in root menus

Lasse Rasinen - Sun May 16 01:21:10 1999

Stefan `Sec` Zehl <sec@42.org> writes:

> Btw.: What do you think? Should the mouse be warped to the window if you
> select it from the 'window' menu, even if the selection was done with
> the mouse ?

Erm. It would seem handy, yes, but then it wouldn't be consistent with
starting a new shell. I do wish I could get the focus on a new shell,
though, but it seems a little impossible. I might try and play with that
and report my experiences after a week or so.

PS. Would you please check no Message-ID is in the Refences-header more
    than once. F*cks up my Gnus real good.