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[wmx] My attempt at GNOME compliance

Henri - Mon May 17 04:30:32 1999

hey all.

i've thrown together some stuff to get the GNOME pager to work w/ wmx.

with the pager set to:

+ show pager
+ show task list
+ show all tasks (or just + show minimized tasks only)

it does the following:

lists all hidden windows in the current channel
lists all channels
core dump once in a while...

what it doesn't do:

handle unhidding a window on another channel (from the little up arrow 
on the pager) very well. (try it, it's fun)

handle the fileviewer... the icons still get frames around them.

change any of the wmx look/feel/functionality we all love

how to install:

get wmx-5sec5 (posted today on ftp.42.org) and apply the patch found


tar -zxf wmx-5sec5.tar.gz
patch -p0 < wmx-5sec5-gnome.diff


please tell me if anyone has any trouble w/ it. I'm going to try to
get the Area stuff to work (so that the outline of the windows shows
in the pager). This has been only tested w/ gnome-core 1.0.4 (current
as of May 14th)


-- wish i had cool sigs like Sec's!