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Re: [wmx] clock

Jason Smith - Thu Apr 29 23:42:24 1999

nope.. I have to agree...

and if ya want a clock in the title bar you could do something like

                (presuming you are using xterm)
		       (or compatible)

---------8<--- Jason the crazy scripter strikes again ---8<-----------
#!/bin/sh #put a crazy date in there daddy-o
echo -e "\033]0;`date` \h\w\007"

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Michael ROGERS wrote:

> >do you think it would be great to have a clock in the title bar. 
> >I think that just before the title (departe with blanks) it may be
> >good....
> In the titlebar of *every window*? No.
> I don't use computer clocks at all (I have a clock next to my computer, why 
> would I want the computer to draw me another one?)
> >Does anyone looked at 'pie menus' : see this if you didn't already
> >http://art.net/~hopkins/Don/piemenus/index.html
> >Strange idea but why not ....
>  It sounds like their main advantage is that your hand "remembers" commonly
> followed paths through several menus. We only have one menu, and it is rarely 
> the same twice.
>  Also they take up a lot of screen space (am I getting obsessed by this?)
>  - Michael Rogers