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Re: [wmx] clock

Michael ROGERS - Thu Apr 29 23:09:47 1999

>do you think it would be great to have a clock in the title bar. 
>I think that just before the title (departe with blanks) it may be

In the titlebar of *every window*? No.
I don't use computer clocks at all (I have a clock next to my computer, why 
would I want the computer to draw me another one?)

>Does anyone looked at 'pie menus' : see this if you didn't already
>Strange idea but why not ....

 It sounds like their main advantage is that your hand "remembers" commonly
followed paths through several menus. We only have one menu, and it is rarely 
the same twice.
 Also they take up a lot of screen space (am I getting obsessed by this?)

 - Michael Rogers