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Re: [wmx] What to do ....

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Tue Apr 27 17:58:22 1999

On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 01:09:25AM +1000, Owen Cameron wrote:
> The only time I find the vertical titlebar midly annoying is when I'm
> running `screen` in an xterm (ie, always - because I'm a console junkie at
> heart), and screen wants to notify me of something. On the
> console/dumb-terminal, this isn't a problem - the message is fed to me on
> teh bottom line of the screen. In an xterm however, it's fed to me as the
> window title. To be honest, since I'm not in X too much, it doesn't bother
> me... 

You can teach screen to notify you in the bottom line even if you're
running X. That's what i do. Not only because wmx makes the texts harder
to read, but because my cursor is almost always on the bottom of the
screen, so keeping the messages there seems more natural for me.

> How about the option though to keep the title on the vertical, but have
> the letters the right-way up?

It would take a lot more space, and I'm not sure if it would get a lot
more readable. After all, English is not like chinese :-)

rfc0896: This 4000% overhead is annoying, but tolerable on 
         lightly loaded networks.