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[wmx] Why I use it: my twopenn'orth

Andrew Chadwick - Wed Apr 28 17:57:20 1999

For what it's worth, I use wmx because it's small, quick and doesn't get
in the way. Also, it's wonderfully keyboardable and warps the cursor -
which is nice with a trackpoint.

Simple - very simple - themeability might be nice, but I don't change my
setup that often anyway. The Gnome additions should be kept out of
main-branch wmx.

On Tue, Apr 27, 1999 at 04:18:09PM +0100, E.Ivandaev wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Arnaud Dutartre wrote:
> > Does anyone think that horizontal title bar would be well come ????
> as it was pointed out before vertical bar is one of the main principles 
> about wmx. i find it very useful (not to say that it also look cool ;)  
> there are pleanty of wm's with horisontal bars, btw...

I hate waste of vertical space. I use an 800x600 screen on my laptop, and
wmx makes noticably better use of the screen than other window managers.
The keyboardable workspaces, menus and window switching/sizing essentially
mean that I very rarely have to use the mouse at all.

wmx is intuitive. It *feels right* to me (with my settings...). The only
changes I'd object strenuously to would be changes which detract from this
keypress intuitiveness or which impinge on my desktop real estate.

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