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Re: [wmx] sec4 tarball.

Sven Oliver Moll - Tue Feb 23 14:18:14 1999

And another one:

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Stefan `Sec` Zehl wrote:

>I still fear that i missed something important, so pleae tell me.
You missed the 's' in "please" ;-). (Sorry couldn't resist)

>I checked in a small fix to configure.in, if ./configure still doesn't
>work for you, please mail me, I want to get this working for everybody.
./configure might work, but the ../wmx-5sec4/configure won't work. Pleeeaaasse
(*auf den knieen rutschend*) include my patch for Remote-configure. I compile
up to 10(!) diffrent versions of wmx (Solaris/Sparc, Sol/x86, NetBSD and
diffrent Linux Distributions) so that's *really* useful, believe me.

>I did not use the mousbutton code from sven, since I think this should
>be handled a bit differently, which I will try to do myself this week.
Cool. I'm not quite happy with the change myself. I think there has to be a 
more elegant way to do it. Please send me a pre-release for testing and

>I'm not sure about what to do with quick-key code. Shall we make the
>keys fully (easily) user-configurable, too ? or simply provide two
>defaults (sun and non-sun) and a way for the user to switch ?
I think a quick and good selection during compiletime should be enough.
Everything else is bloating the code up too much. BTW: If I can't get the
compiled code of wmx below 100kB (stripped binary). I'll start stripping the
code via #ifdef until I get it below the 100kB line.

There has also been a discussion about the removal of the shape code. If anyone
would want that he should look at flwm. It's a wm2 ported to fltk. The URL is

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