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Re: [wmx] checking in for this month

Sven Oliver Moll - Tue Feb 23 13:56:05 1999


On 19 Feb 1999, Lasse Rasinen wrote:

>Heck, I've been happy with wmx since release 3 or so ;)
That's called the simple pleasures of live ;-)

>I have mixed feelings about the recent developments, though. Technically
>SvOlli's (hope I got that right) new patch concerning mouse buttons.
>The default bindings have worked for n years and I see no reason to fiddle
>around. OTOH, there might be systems that can't emulate a third button
>on a two button mouse or something.
Yep, I've got these kind of trouble when I access a Unix machine from Windows
using VNC (http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/). But there's always something
dangerous about a "it worked then, so why shouldn't it work now" - attitude.
Lasse, if you want to have an example, please contact me, I don't want to bore
this list with a short story.

>Agreed. And a new sec<something> release wouldn't hurt. Not to belittle
>what Sven is doing but if I recall correctly, he's putting it all
>together. And who knows if Sec has something good up his sleeve coming up.
Yep, and I don't want his job. My pl-releases were only published because I
thought there was a need, since Sec's been so quiet lately due to illness and
work. IMHO the governments should hire Open Source Programmers just to make
this world a little better ;-). Maybe we can establish something like the Linus
Torvalds / Alan Cox cooperation here :-). 

BTW: I prefer "SvOlli" to "Sven" as Sec prefers "Sec" to "Stefan".

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