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Re: [wmx] checking in for this month

Lasse Rasinen - Fri Feb 19 11:56:36 1999

cannam@all-day-breakfast.com writes:

> Lasse wrote:
> > 
> > Wonder if Chris will still recognize wmx when he gets back?)
> I wonder.  Probably; I imagine it'll still *look* much the same?

Well, now that you mentioned it... ;)

I've heard comments that wmx would be nice if it didn't use shapes, but
boring rectangular tabs only, like BeOS. But I like the current look and
probably won't mess around with it.

> That apart, I don't mind what you change -- I'm happy with wmx-5,
> so I'm quite content to suggest that you do everything *you* want
> and don't worry about me.  I mean good god, I don't even care about
> the philosophical implications -- so long as it doesn't get boring.

Heck, I've been happy with wmx since release 3 or so ;)
I have mixed feelings about the recent developments, though. Technically
SvOlli's (hope I got that right) new patch concerning mouse buttons.
The default bindings have worked for n years and I see no reason to fiddle
around. OTOH, there might be systems that can't emulate a third button
on a two button mouse or something.

Then again, I don't use the dConfig stuff either, YMMV :)

> btw, I'm not subscribed to this list, I'm just reading it very
> occasionally through http://ml.42.org/wmx/.  It might be nice
> to see the odd summary of all the things that have changed since
> wmx-5, preferably with a subject line to make it clear what it
> is.  But only when enough things *have* changed, of course.

Agreed. And a new sec<something> release wouldn't hurt. Not to belittle
what Sven is doing but if I recall correctly, he's putting it all
together. And who knows if Sec has something good up his sleeve coming up.

Sec, are you there?