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[wmx] checking in for this month

cannam - Fri Feb 19 05:03:39 1999

Lasse wrote:
> Wonder if Chris will still recognize wmx when he gets back?)

I wonder.  Probably; I imagine it'll still *look* much the same?
That apart, I don't mind what you change -- I'm happy with wmx-5,
so I'm quite content to suggest that you do everything *you* want
and don't worry about me.  I mean good god, I don't even care about
the philosophical implications -- so long as it doesn't get boring.

> Next, themes

Hey, go ahead and make it use the current GNOME theme's pixmaps
for all I care, though linking in with GNOME libraries might be
just that little bit too heavy.

> and Gnome/KDE compliance

Would be a genuinely useful feature.  Someone to finish the
session-manager support, maybe?

btw, I'm not subscribed to this list, I'm just reading it very
occasionally through http://ml.42.org/wmx/.  It might be nice
to see the odd summary of all the things that have changed since
wmx-5, preferably with a subject line to make it clear what it
is.  But only when enough things *have* changed, of course.

Is the Japanese support fixed yet?

Is Sec still around?  Haven't seen anything from him for a couple
of weeks.