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jason - Mon Jan 18 17:26:20 1999

Hello all, 

  I'm EXTREMELY happy to find out that work is still being done on wmx. I
really love wmx cuz of it's unintrusiveness, however there are a few
things I would like to see. 

* Ability to hide titlebars and windowborders with a keycombination.  Or
better yet, always hide them unless key-combo is held. There is no reason
to show a title bar on an application more than a few seconds, It is a
waste of screen realestate ditto for borders. Having a keycombo to bring
up one or both at time (permanently or otherwise) would allow you to keep
the ability to resize/drag/raise/lower/etc windows without using screen

* Much more keyboard control. It sux to have to stop typing and reach for
the mouse. Kudos on the new menu stuff.

* Snap-To windows (as in KDE & Enlightenment). This makes making a layout
easy and could easily be a toggle option.

* Gnome support... err... not really a concern but it would be neat.

lemme know what you guys think

		Jason Smith