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[wmx] wmx-4 bug - separation of window from frame

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Mon Jan 18 20:40:56 1999

Hi, gang.  Good to see some traffic on the wmx list :)

I've noticed a few bugs that seem to happen only rarely, and I'm
wondering if anyone else has noticed them.  I haven't seen 'em yet
using wmx-5, but I've only had it going for a week or so.

1)  A frame will occasionally separate itself from its window.  I'll end
    up with, for example, a Netscape window that has no titlebar or frame,
    and a separate frame window that has Netscape's title and a big blank
    square where the actual Netscape window *should* be.  I can move the
    frame window around just fine, but IIRC there's no way to move the
    abandoned frameless window.
2)  Frames sometimes stick when I hide a window via the keyboard
    (Alt-Enter).  I'll end up with the frame and title getting stuck to
    my screen, regardless of which "virtual" screen I'm on.  The only
    way to get rid of it is to unhide the application window so that
    wmx redraws its frame.  If I somehow got one of these sticky frames
    when I closed an app (Alt-Delete) there seems to be no way to get
    rid of it.  In these cases, as opposed to (1) above, there is no
    large box where the application was -- just the left and top bars
    of the frame itself.

So, has anybody else seen either of these happen?  I believe I've only
used X11R6.4 when either has occurred.

Best regards.

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