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[wmx] Re: Disappearing Windows and Dragging

Eric Marsden - Mon Jan 18 11:38:24 1999

>>>>> "IL" == Iestyn Lewis <irl@camsoft.com> writes:

  IL> Does anyone know whether the choppy drag behavior of wmx is a
  IL> fixable problem? If you use a wm like icewm or kwm, the dragging
  IL> and resizing of opaque windows is silky-smooth. I absolutely
  IL> love wmx, though, and was wondering if there's any particular
  IL> reason this behavior couldn't be worked into wmx. Do the shaped
  IL> windows have anything to do with it, or would it "simply" be a
  IL> matter of looking into another wm's code and seeing how they
  IL> manage dragging and resizing?

Are you sure this isn't just the difference between opaque resizing
and dragging (ie with the window contents being redrawn continuously
duing the movement) and simple "rubberbanding", which is much less
demanding on your graphics card?

With a good graphics card opaque drawing is ok, but it's best to
switch it off on an X terminal.
Eric Marsden
emarsden @ mail.dotcom.fr
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