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[wmx] Disappearing Windows and Dragging

Iestyn Lewis - Mon Jan 18 11:24:53 1999

>I also noticed problems with Netscape 3 with wmx (4 and 5). They seem
>to disappear if you disable the "opaque resize" option (sorry, I don't
>have the exact name of the parameter).

jcc (Code Crusader, an IDE)'s main window also disappears under wmx on
startup.  You can get it back by choosing it from the root menu.

Does anyone know whether the choppy drag behavior of wmx is a fixable
problem?  If you use a wm like icewm or kwm, the dragging and resizing of
opaque windows is silky-smooth.  I absolutely love wmx, though, and was
wondering if there's any particular reason this behavior couldn't be worked
into wmx.  Do the shaped windows have anything to do with it, or would it
"simply" be a matter of looking into another wm's code and seeing how they
manage dragging and resizing?

I'm not much of a programmer, but if there's no fundamental reason that this
shouldn't be attempted, I think I might have a look into it.

Iestyn Lewis