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Re: [wmx] runtime-config [take one]

Chris Cannam - Thu Apr 02 23:28:16 1998

Stefan `Sec` Zehl wrote:
> I proposed that "configurability patch" for wmx, some time ago.
> Unfortunately i got sidetracked by 'real work'[tm]

Yeah, I've been very sidetracked lately too.

> so I'm quickly sending it now, to see what you think of it.

I like the principle and it seems to work well as far as it goes.
I'd argue with some of the code (well, I'd have made it all into
a class for a start) -- at the moment it's the sort of style I'd
include as a patch with the distribution but probably wouldn't
merge in the main code.

Maybe if I can find a moment, I should, er, tidy it up (i.e.
make it look more like my own code), finish the bits that aren't
there and include it in the distribution.  In the meantime I've
put a copy at


which includes this stuff and a couple of fixes other people have
sent me plus one or two of my own.  That's my current test version;
if you have anything else you'd like to send as patches, it's
probably best to base them on that.

Is anyone else actually reading this list?  I've only seen the
two messages, I think.