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Re: [wmx] runtime-config [take one]

Stefan `Sec` Zehl - Fri Apr 03 21:35:53 1998

On Thu, Apr 02, 1998 at 10:27:49PM +0100, Chris Cannam wrote:
> Yeah, I've been very sidetracked lately too.

This seems to spread like a virus :-)

> I like the principle and it seems to work well as far as it goes.
> I'd argue with some of the code (well, I'd have made it all into
> a class for a start) -- at the moment it's the sort of style I'd
> include as a patch with the distribution but probably wouldn't
> merge in the main code.

Hm, i must admit, that I'm not very expirienced in writing c++ code. 
But I'm very happy that you don't tell me what a bad coder i am :)

> Is anyone else actually reading this list?  I've only seen the
> two messages, I think.

So far we're three people on this list. If you want more people here,
maybe you should add an remark to the readme ? :-)

On Fri, Apr 03, 1998 at 10:27:12AM -0800, O'Shaughnessy Evans wrote:
> >     http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~cannam/wmx-dev-980402.tar.gz
> Okay, so I tried to compile this and keep getting this error message:
> Manager.C: In method `WindowManager::WindowManager()':
> Manager.C:120: aggregate `struct sigaction sAct' has incomplete type and cannot be initialized
> Manager.C:120: warning: implicit declaration of function `int sigemptyset(...)'
> Manager.C:120: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
> I've tried to figure out what's wrong here, but it's not worth spending
> an hour on.  Has anybody else seen this?  (If not, don't trouble yourself
> over it.)

I just fetched it, and it compiled cleanly on my FreeBSD-2.2.5 system.

I'll make some compilation tests on HP/UX and irix next week.

I didn't say we *can't* do it. In fact we can. We also can calculate digits
of sqrt(2) in the background, drive space shuttles, or have an AI algorithm
write poems in Swahili while inside the pager.      -- daia@stoilow.imar.ro