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[wmx] new test version

Chris Cannam - Fri Apr 03 17:55:02 1998

(I'm not sure if I can post this, since I'm not subscribed to the
list from this address -- but never mind, I'll give it a go and if
it doesn't work I'll subscribe or just post it from my home account.)

There's another test version of wmx up at


which includes several more changes.  The main things are that the
Config.C stuff has been made into a class, though the code is much
the same at the low level, the feedback config option has been
implemented, and some other things have been altered to make it compile
and run more smoothly on solaris (which is my main system at work now).

I'm kind of wondering whether to put *all* the config settings into a
class somehow and stop worrying about reducing code-size with all the
#ifdef options -- maybe if it's simple enough for compilers such as gcc
to be able to optimise out at compile-time any code for options that
aren't looked up with the readlink() technique.  We'll see.