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Re: [wmx] client names on menus, arbitrary keybindings, remote control of wmx

Alexandros Diamantidis - Sun Mar 20 17:13:22 2005

* rsharman@pobox.com [2005-02-27 20:59]:
> For a while Roland Renaud and I have been playing around with wmx and
> we thought it was time we fed back our changes.


After installing your patches and playing a bit with them, I must say
that they're wonderful! Now I can do with the keyboard lots of things
that before needed a mouse.

I have a small problem: I can't bind actions to the number keys on the
keypad. For example, with the following...

> These keys are dynamically bound if the modifier key is active
> 0xffb1  /home/adia/.wmx/.mkeys/KP_1

...when I press Meta-KP_1, either nothing happens (when Num Lock is
off) or I get the message "wmx: Alt key record in inconsistent state"
(when Num Lock is on).

Other keys seem to work fine.

Any ideas?


Alexandros Diamantidis * adia@noc.uoa.gr