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[wmx] client names on menus, arbitrary keybindings, remote control of wmx

rsharman - Mon Feb 28 03:09:48 2005

For a while Roland Renaud and I have been playing around with wmx and
we thought it was time we fed back our changes.

So here it is:


The main changes are:

* optionally putting the client's label on menus and sorting the

* allowing any key either without any modifier or with the wmx
  modifier to run an arbitrary command

* remote control of wmx:  wmx can listen on a socket and accept

These in conduction with the "xwit" and "socket" programs [links are
provided for them if you don't have them] allow you to things like:

* bind a key to circulate between similar clients.  For example, if
  you're in an emacs window and you press this key it will take you to
  the next emacs window; if you're in a firefox window it warps you to
  the next firefox one.

* bind a key to easily "shove" the current window into the next channel
  without changing the current channel.

* bind a key to move the current window a bit to the left, or to the
  right, or to raise or lower it.

The patch is against wmx-6pl1 which I believe is the latest.

If you have any problems or suggestions please let me know.