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Re: [wmx] wm2 and wmx in sourceforge cvs

Zvezdan Petkovic - Thu Aug 14 15:09:08 2003

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 10:11:37AM +0100, Chris Cannam wrote:
> I have checked the FreeBSD ports tree, and they don't appear to have
> any patches besides compile fixes (not to mention their wmx port is
> still based on wmx-5sec6).

I have built wmx-6 about 10 months ago for myself on FreeBSD without
trouble using that port as a starting point.  Although I was a little
ticked off that it wasn't updated to wmx-6. :-)

Did you check OpenBSD port of wmx-6?  It has some small patches and it
runs quite fine.  Of course, I included my tab background colour patch
when I built it on my OpenBSD machine.

Zvezdan Petkovic <zvezdan@cs.wm.edu>