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Re: [wmx] xnodecor pointlessness

Alexandros Diamantidis - Thu Dec 19 11:36:37 2002

* "Stephen R. Saucier" <ssauci1@umbc.edu> [2002-12-19 02:33]:
> necessary! Do most of you use the multiple desktops? I have never
> found that sort of feature useful -- I think you can pretty much
> accomplish the same goal by minimizing programs...

I use the multiple desktops all the time, I have my programs organized
by task on each desktop. I find this arrangement comfortable enough -
even though sometimes I forget where I have put some program and have to
search for it through all desktops ;-) 

> and then you could make use of Xft to draw the text nicely.

Maybe it would be worthwhile to use Pango to draw the text,
to support complex scripts such as arabic and indic.

About xnodecor: Thanks for the tip - I didn't know you could specify the
overrideRedirect flag with X resources. Unfortunately, I only use xnodecor
on gkrellm, which uses gtk and doesn't seem to support this.

Alexandros Diamantidis * adia@noc.uoa.gr