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Re: [wmx] xnodecor pointlessness

Stephen R. Saucier - Sat Dec 21 08:36:20 2002

Chris Cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:

I thought the same thing? I haven't looked at the xnodecor source in a
while, but I remember thinking that it was a pretty silly program --
if I recall correctly, it just looked though the window list for one
with the title you specified and then set the overrideRedirect
flag. That is why I thought that it had to be done before you started
wmx, because if you did it after, wmx had already decided to reparent
the child window and didn't care about the value of overrideRedirect
anymore. I am not saying that overrideRedirect is the best solution,
but since that is what xnodecor did anyway, I thought that offering an
alternative way to accomplish the same goal that was possibly more
flexible (since you could use it after starting wmx) might be of some

I was afraid the RANDR extension was just for entire screens; I wasn't
sure if you could apply it to child windows or something else
though. It seems like there would be an alternative to using xvertext
on modern systems; But without one, I don't think that getting
anti-aliased fonts would be a minor task. It is a shame because I
like using an italicized Lucida as my title font, but italics fonts
look particularly blocky when not anti-aliased. I shouldn't think that
using Xft would be a big deal though in terms of adding more
dependencies; if you are requiring that someone have the SHAPE
extension it doesn't seem too much of a stretch that someone would
have Xft... but of course keeping with the wmx style of
configurability, it would be a compile time option most likely anyway :)

Anyway, I just figured that if I can run xterm with anti-aliased
fonts, then no other program has an excuse :)

Anyway, looking over the list of window managers on xwinman.org, it
seems that 90% of window managers that claim to be "compact" are just
downright ugly. It is refreshing that there exists a window manager
that is low on bloat and still manages to be quite visually appealing
(and quite unique as well!)

Stephen Saucier

> chad wrote:
> > As for replacing xnodecor with overrideRedirect [...]
> I thought xnodecor worked by setting overrideRedirect?
> Chris