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Re: [wmx] xnodecor pointlessness

chad - Fri Dec 20 17:36:39 2002

The RandR extension is designed to handle changing an entire display
(originally meant to handle orientation, resolution and such come for
free).  It won't be useful for rendering `sideways' text.  While Xft
seems likely to become a `standard' part of X distributions, Pango is a
purely Gnome/GTK tool.  Everywhere that Pango goes, a huge truckload of
dependencies is sure to follow...

As for replacing xnodecor with overrideRedirect: realize that
overrideRidirect is an awfully big hammer.  Basically, it tells the
window system to pretend that the window doesn't exist, as far as other
clients are concerned.  Many `normal' tools won't work, such as xkill
and xprop.  While you may not care in general, I wouldn't recommend it
for use with most client programs.

If you're interested in working on wm2, and you don't like xnodecor, you
might consider adding a way for wm2 to re-check the xnodecor status, and
deal appropriately, on the fly.