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Re: [wmx] Compile Errors in WMX-6 with gcc 3.2 and intel C++

Chris Cannam - Tue Sep 24 10:19:54 2002

Andrew Fant wrote:
> -fpermissive in CXXFLAGS is a good thing.

Well, it looks like the error is pretty comprehensively described
in the gcc error message you quoted:

Menu.C:625: default argument given for parameter 3 of `
   CommandMenu::CommandMenu(WindowManager*, XEvent*, char* = 0)'
Menu.h:92: after previous specification in `
   CommandMenu::CommandMenu(WindowManager*, XEvent*, char* = 0)'

The line at Menu.C:625 simply shouldn't have the " = 0" in it at
all -- you aren't strictly allowed to give default argument values
when defining (as opposed to declaring) a method, it's just that
compilers rarely complain.  It's the sort of error that generally
arises from over-zealous cut-and-paste.  I guess your gcc (a new
one? 3.x?) and the relatively uncommon Intel compiler are rather
stricter than previous versions of gcc.